Saturday, April 28, 2012


Whos the one they'll crucify next
Its the media sensational effect
Bought by both the left and right
Puppets of the corporate fight
The governments all the same
For money women and the fame
Just like scum in hollywood
Their intentions are no good
Attempting to brainwash me
About how my life should be
Actors say their on out side
But they could care if we die
Then again they need us mice
To pay the 20 dollar cd price
It's not because i'm envious
Personally i can't stand this
They get house arrest for felonies
We'd serve years in a penetentiary
I've done time, my fair share
It's only right they pay theirs

Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm back

i've been slacking but i'm going to start posting some stuff i've written lately.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The "Why" in Family

On a long summer night
my dad yelled, “whore!”
my family began to fight
like never before

momma upped and moved us away
down to dallas texas
she said there’d be no couldy days
only happiness and success

but this was a lie
scared and appalled
I thought father died
cause he never called

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Absurd Than Camus

there’s one thing we’ll say
but then we do the other
its the american way
help  destroy your brothers

lend a nation helping hands
send them bags of rice
turn their cities into sand
just to prove we’re right

half thinks it’s for spoils
the rest for good ol justice
the world is now in turmoil
its the wealthy ones who love this

ex MADD leaders drunk driving
in a land teeming with irony
all while their lobbyists are bribing
politicians promoting tyranny

today the decades great crusaders
shout “we do it for you child!”
arrest a teen breathing plant vapors
and release a pedophile


showing a most tearful face
the clouds display fearful grey
tragedy of the human race
set on urban decay

rivers flow as they weep
upon a city that never sleeps
I envy clouds for they can cry
years ago my eyes ran dry

concrete jungles of people jaded
to the daily reports of crime
slowly our integrity faded
now a symbol of the times

pretend to care about the homeless
but deep inside we’re all boneless
every man with a price
this pandemics spread like lice

watching those that make us sick
and speak ill-ly in their name
saying its just for kicks
we bought into their game

staring so long into the abyss
the dark became a mirror
for these cancerous cysts
yet we still think its clear

singing the reapers song
of society gone wrong
i would much rather die alone
than call this wretched place my home