Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Absurd Than Camus

there’s one thing we’ll say
but then we do the other
its the american way
help  destroy your brothers

lend a nation helping hands
send them bags of rice
turn their cities into sand
just to prove we’re right

half thinks it’s for spoils
the rest for good ol justice
the world is now in turmoil
its the wealthy ones who love this

ex MADD leaders drunk driving
in a land teeming with irony
all while their lobbyists are bribing
politicians promoting tyranny

today the decades great crusaders
shout “we do it for you child!”
arrest a teen breathing plant vapors
and release a pedophile


  1. I like this one, it sums up whats going on in the world pretty well.

  2. thanks again, it really seems like all of these powerful people and organizations preach one thing and do the exact opposite.