Sunday, July 24, 2011

The "Why" in Family

On a long summer night
my dad yelled, “whore!”
my family began to fight
like never before

momma upped and moved us away
down to dallas texas
she said there’d be no couldy days
only happiness and success

but this was a lie
scared and appalled
I thought father died
cause he never called


  1. that was a good rhyme man, really could feel the effect

  2. Wow, I wish I could write poetry like that. Poems have always evaded me, whenever I try to write something, everything doubles back on itself and its too wordy not smooth and flowing like that

  3. Thanks a lot! Poetry is best written when it flows from you onto the page. I've found when i just try to sit down and write, my worst work comes out. On the other hand if something comes to mind and you like it, just run with it and write down everything you think of. If anyone ever has poetry or writing work they want me to look over, I'll be more than happy to do it.

  4. This is the reason why I'm writing my book good sir, its stories like yours and mine that bring the meaning "behind closed doors" to all new lengths.