Wednesday, July 20, 2011


showing a most tearful face
the clouds display fearful grey
tragedy of the human race
set on urban decay

rivers flow as they weep
upon a city that never sleeps
I envy clouds for they can cry
years ago my eyes ran dry

concrete jungles of people jaded
to the daily reports of crime
slowly our integrity faded
now a symbol of the times

pretend to care about the homeless
but deep inside we’re all boneless
every man with a price
this pandemics spread like lice

watching those that make us sick
and speak ill-ly in their name
saying its just for kicks
we bought into their game

staring so long into the abyss
the dark became a mirror
for these cancerous cysts
yet we still think its clear

singing the reapers song
of society gone wrong
i would much rather die alone
than call this wretched place my home

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